Üllo Wine Purifier: The Review

You are a wine lover and you were always told you should let it breathe to enhance the aroma of the wine you are drinking. Well there are many aerators on the market in different price points that help resolve that issue so you don’t have to wait to drink that wine but wouldn’t it…

Vins d’Alsace Et Fromage Pairing Guide

NYC Wine Guys was invited to the French Cheese Board last Thursday night for a great night with a wonderful wine and cheese pairing along with great company. Thanks to Camille Labarthe for setting up each wine and cheese combination, giving us a little background on the decision to pair specific wines and the employees…

Why Wine Glasses?

I always assumed you drank wine out of a wine glass, but as a FoodTV addict and regular cooking show junkie (even though I have to admit I’m not much of a cook), I have seen a number of shows where the chef is in Italy or another European country, and shock upon shock, they…

2014 Raphael Estate Merlot: Wine Review

Raphael Estate Merlot is an elegant, structured wine with bright fruit aromas, a medium body and balanced acidity. Hand harvested, wild fermented and bottled unfiltered and un-fined. Showing notes of blackberries, graphite and black olive, blend with fine tannins and contribute to a lingering finish.

Welcome To NYC Wine Guys

We (Greg and Ray) would like to welcome you to a new veture between 2 friends. Every time Ray and Greg got together it always began with some wine. it could be Greg’s homemade wine or spending some time out at the Long Island wineries. This last time, we got to talking about starting a new veture. “What if we were to start a wine blog?” This was the question as we entere Raphael Vieyards.