Le Pif Uncorked

Calling all wine lovers! Whether you’re a certified connoisseur or a wine novice, you’ll see we have something in common: we love wine. All wine. But we’re particularly excited about French wine.

Beginner Wine Tasting: Doing It Right

How simple was it back before you knew how to really enjoy your wine? Like those days back in college, just unscrew the cap (no cork!) pour and drink. For young wine drinkers, everything from inspecting the bottle to swirling, sniffing and tasting can be intimidating when out at a high-end restaurant. It’s not like…

Welcome To NYC Wine Guys

We (Greg and Ray) would like to welcome you to a new veture between 2 friends. Every time Ray and Greg got together it always began with some wine. it could be Greg’s homemade wine or spending some time out at the Long Island wineries. This last time, we got to talking about starting a new veture. “What if we were to start a wine blog?” This was the question as we entere Raphael Vieyards.