An Italian Summer Wine Tasting Series

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Summer has finally arrived and taken over New York City and It’s the season to enjoy la dolce vita and taste the passion of Italy. Making wine for centuries, Italy is one of the world’s leading producers of wine with more native varieties than any other Country. We will explore the indisputable styles and diversity that define the Italian taste and passion that is brought to living la dolce vita.

Join us as we spend the afternoon tasting wines from Italy that are perfect for summer! Click here for tickets and more information.

Learn all the things you wanted to know about Italian wine while tasting through the top iconic wine regions discovering the indigenous varietals and styles that bring Italian passion to life.

From Piemonte and the Veneto in the north, Toscana and Umbria in central Italy to Calabria and Puglia in the southern part of the boot, your senses will travel to Italy as you find your favorite region and style of Italian wine.

This is a Sit-down Wine tasting Series with John Camacho Vidal tasting premium wines from the top regions of Italy paired with artisanal meats and cheeses.

John is a well-informed educator of wine who has worked with Italian wines for over 10 years making the region his specialty. Hear the story and learn history, unknown facts and tales that bring wine to life.

 July 14th – Introduction to Italian wines

Northern Italy

July 21st – Piemonte. Mountain wines and native varieties
July 28th – Nebbiolo and the mystique of Barolo
August 4th – Prosecco and the wines of the Veneto

Central Italy

August 18th – Sangiovese & Sangiovese Grosse aka Brunello
August 25th – Disciphering Super Tustans
September 1st – Umbria the balcony of Tuscany – The undiscovered gem and her wines

Southern Italy

September 8th – The Mediterranean coast. Warm weather wines
September 15th – The Bottom of The Boot & Island wines
September 22nd – End of Summer – Grand tasting



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